The Scroll: Projects in Print

The Scroll will be a space for art and ideas that are not confined by the notion of walls.

Indo-Persian miniature paintings were usually bound in the form of an album for personal enjoyment. These were certainly not meant to be framed and hemmed by glass and displayed on a wall as a decorative object but were meant to invoke contemplation, reflection, and an intimacy with the work. Therefore, these particular exhibitions were realised in the form of albums in the hand of the viewer. While in other parts of Asia such as China, art was collected in the form of scrolls. When a landscape or a calligraphic text was meant to be pored over, the scroll was unravelled slowly to view the said work. The object of the work of art was not in the display, but in the private deliberation.

The AAN Foundation is pleased to be supporting The Scroll: Projects in Print. The idea will be to engage with the greater artistic discourse in the country and beyond and as an intersection for works of art, texts and ideas that are not confined by brick and mortar. These projects will manifest themselves in the form of an exhibition, a museum, lab, a forum or a platform, but on another medium; the mellifluous and meditative quality that is the very feature of paper.

The exhibition will therefore never cease to exist but will keep engaging with successive viewers as well as those who want a re-visit the space.