Academic Programmes at Fine Art Asia and Hong Kong Spotlight by Art Basel

29 October, 2020

Amna Naqvi spoke at the Academic Programmes at Fine Art Asia and Hong Kong Spotlight by Art Basel at the Hong Kong Convention Centre. The lecture series was titled 'Living with the Old and the New-Collecting Contemporary and Historic Art.
The talk focused on on cross collecting from various eras. These insightful Academic Programmes presented by: The Hong Kong Palace Museum, Fine Art Asia and Hong Kong Spotlight by Art Basel.

Return to the Arts: Contemporary Art in Pakistan Today - Public Lecture at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

13 November, 2019

Join Amna Naqvi to hear about her unique perspective on collecting the arts of Pakistan today. Pakistan’s art scene has changed significantly in the past half-century. Today it is home to an ever-widening array of artist collectives and schools, public art projects, galleries, and a newly minted biennale. Naqvi is an integral player in this changing landscape. She nurtures talent through the AAN Foundation, building platforms for new work and supporting artists trying to show their work on a global stage. - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Amna Naqvi is a Member of the Jury for the Karachi Biennale Art Prize 2019 - Awardee is Rashid Rana

28 October, 2019

Our founder Amna Naqvi was on that three-person jury of the Karachi Biennale Juried Award.

“It was an honor to be on the three-person jury of the Juried Award at Karachi Biennale 2019 along with Ingo Arend, a cultural writer from Germany and Stephen Welsh a director from Manchester Museum! We were privileged to select Rashid Rana as the winner of the Jury Prize for Karachi Biennale 2019! For me personally it was wonderful being in my home town Karachi and see the Biennale as it flourishes

COBO Social Conversation - Series on Art, Art-Making and Collection

March 26 - March 29, 2019

Our founder Amna Naqvi speaking at the COBO Social Conversation Series focusing on Art, Art-Making and Collecting over Art Basel Week.

The list of speakers including Kim Camacho, Jeffrey Deitch, David Elliott, Marta Gnyp, Julia Halperin, Huang Rui, Richard Koh, Liu Heung Shing, Amna Tirmizi Naqvi, Christopher Phillips, Arjuna Rajasingham, Magnus Renfrew, Alain Servais, Karen Smith, Tom Tandio, Zhang Jian-jun. #art#collecting #artmaking #contemporaryart #aanideas @amnatnaqvi#AANFoundation #AANCollection Photo Credits: COBO Social

Portrait of An Artist by Shahzia Sikander - Is exhibited at Pace Prints in New York

08 February, 2019

Portrait of An Artist by Shahzia Sikander is currently being exhibited at the Pace Galleries in New York City. An edition of this work is also in the AAN Collection. This work is also in the collection of the Smithsonian Museums, Washington DC. 

Featured Collector - Amna Naqvi in Artomity Magazine Winter 2018/2019 Issue

31 January, 2019

Our Founder and Director Amna Naqvi featured in Artomity magazine Winter 2018/2019 issue. Amna Naqvi has been featured in their Collectors Series! Works featured in the article are by Tsang Kin Wah and Wilson Sheih! 

Amna Naqvi gave a TED Talk at TEDx Lahore 2018

28 August, 2018

Amna is the founder of AAN Foundation and AAN Collection. She is an avid art collector, philanthropist, publisher, supporter and collaborator of art projects and initiatives. These projects have led to the development of the contemporary Pakistani art space both locally as well as globally over the last fifteen years. The AAN Collection co...mprises of over 800 works of art ranging from 3rd Century Gandhara sculptures, 17th Century Mughal miniatures and contemporary art.

Works from the collection have been part of major exhibitions at institutions such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York, The Venice Biennial and The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. The collection is complimented by the AAN Foundation which supports art exhibitions and projects in Asia as well as globally.

A significant part of the AAN Foundation’s aim is to provide support at the very initial stages to projects which could become platforms for further strengthening the artistic space in their own areas and geographies.

Along with her art projects and initiatives, Amna Naqvi also owns the cricket team, Islamabad United. The team is the winner of the Pakistan Super League Championship in 2018 as well as the winner of the inaugural Pakistan Super League Championship in 2016. Having completed her MBA from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), she previously worked as a banker and describes herself as an avid reader and an intrepid traveler.

To view the TEDx Talk - Click on the image above!

The Dead Tigers of British India by Fazal Rizvi, which is in the AAN Collection was exhibited at the Lahore Biennale

22 July, 2018

'The Dead Tigers of British India-in full colour' is a work by Fazal Rizvi which was shown at the Lahore Fort at the Lahore Biennale. This work is in the AAN Collection!

Title: The Dead Tigers of British India - in full colour
Artits: Fazal Rizvi
Seven 3d printed tiger paw foot from the throne of Tipu Sultan, Publication

Fazal Rizvi graduated from the National College of Arts, Lahore. He is an interdisciplinary artist exploring notions of memory, loss, erasures, and migration. For LB01 the artist sifted through the archival material from the British Raj era, specifically from images of tiger hunts that display and celebrate the subjugation of one at the hands of another.
- Text & Image Credits: LB01 & LBF

Cosmic Ninja by Samya Arif which is in the AAN Collection - Featured on the cover of Women's Club.

05 July, 2018

‘Cosmic Ninja’ by Samya Arif has been featured on the cover of the publication ‘Women’s Club’ which has been published by @monsapublications Barcelona. This work is in the AAN Collection. This work was shown at the exhibition titled Microcosm which was curated at AAN Gandhara Art Space by Adeel Uz Zafar.

AAN Website Launch - Collection, Foundation, Art Space & Publications

06 June, 2018

AAN is pleased to launch its website which will feature all its aspects including Collection, Foundation, Art Space and Publications. This will cover all aspects since the collection began in 1994 and morphed into an eco system which which features art making, exhibition making, art research and writing, collaborations and patronage of visual art.

The AAN Collection and its founders are featured as 'The Power House Of Asia' - Top 100 Collectors in Cobo Social

01 June, 2018

The AAN Collection is most pleased and honoured that its founders Amna amd Ali Naqvi are on this august list yet again. 'The Power House of Asia' - Top 100 Collectors in Asia' has just been published. Pleased to be representing art from Pakistan on this list..

"Twenty two years of passionate and focused collecting has led to this. So happy to be the custodian of historic and seminal works in the AAN Collection which has been exhibited in over 45 museums and public institutions worldwide" - Amna Naqvi

Works from the AAN Collection Exhibited at the Lahore Biennial

March 15 - March 31, 2018

Works from the AAN Collection on loan to the Lahore Biennial '01 included two works 'Veil' and Unveiled by Aisha Khalid, Parallax by Shahzia Sikander and 'Interzar Farmayaie' by Atif Khan

'Unveiled', 2007 by Aisha Khalid was exhibited at the Lahore Biennale 01 alongside her book 'Page To Page' and Veil, 2007 (AAN Collection). This work which is in the AAN Collection is from Aisha's work where she uses pages of a notebook to comment on social, political and cultural issues. This work was one of the two works from the AAN Collection which were exhibited at the Mubarak Haveli one of the sites for the Lahore Biennale.The AAN Collection has the largest repository of Aisha Khalid's work and has many historic works in its collection

AAN Collection at LUMS - A Collaboration between the Lahore University of Management Sciences and the AAN Foundation

11 November, 2017

The AAN Collection at LUMS

AAN Foundation is pleased to announce ‘AAN Collection at LUMS’ which is a collaboration between the AAN Foundation and the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). Under this initiative a number of Pakistani modern and contemporary artworks including the works of modernists Sadequain and Gulgee and works by contemporary artists such as Imran Qureshi, Aisha Khalid and Naiza Khan from the AAN Collection will be exhibited at Suleman Dawood Scho...ol of Business at the Lahore University of Management Sciences.

Under this project, 22 works from the AAN collection will be on loan to LUMS for public display for a period of 12 months. The works include works from modern masters like Sadequain, Gulgee, Jamil Naqsh . The project also includes works of contemporary artists Imran Qureshi, Aisha Khalid, Naiza Khan, Faiza Butt and Muhammad Zeeshan