Art Space


Damsel in a Shining Armour

13 January, 2011

An Exhibition by
Attiya Shaukat

Gandhara-art Space
F-65/2 Kehkashan
Clifton Block-4
Karachi, Pakistan

The Architecture of the Self

16 October, 2010

'The Architecture of the Self' is an exhibition focusing on the work of Pakistan's most promising contemporary artists. All three of them work in completely different media, yet there is a common element in their work. Their work reveals the inner structure of the human psyche. Noor Ali Chaghani is a contemporary miniaturist, but his forte is sculptures of miniature red bricks. Imran Mudassar graduated in printmaking and his drawings of the consequences of war are exquisite, yet heartbreaking. Both of them are from National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan while Haider Ali Jan, completed his graduation at the Beaconhouse National University and is an artist adept at working in new media, as his bold digital prints reveal.

Flood Relief Fundraiser

21 September, 2010

This live auction is a part of the 'Pakistanis for Flood Relief' initiative which is being driven by the Pakistani community in Hong Kong. Live Auction at the Event includes work by Aisha Khalid, Imran Mudassar and Imran Qureshi. These works have specially been created for The Flood Relief Fundraiser. We are immensely thankful to these artists as 100% of the proceeds from the live auction will be donated to UNHCR. The UNCHR is working on the ground in the flood affected areas of Pakistan.

Gandhara-art @ ArtHK10

27 May, 2010

Gandhara-art is participating in the prestigious Hong Kong Art Fair 2010 and show casing the works of leading contemporary artists from Pakistan; Aisha Khalid, Attiya Shaukat, Faiza Butt, Imran Mudassar, and Imran Qureshi.

Aisha Hussain Karachi

20 May, 2010

Aisha Hussain uses the Wasli with a great deal of dexterity. The Walsi is a resilient surface and is constructed with layers of paper. Aisha takes it to the extreme, and her creations are made on surfaces which are made with multiple Waslis. It moves away from being a flat surface imprisoned behind glass, but has weight and depth. She calls it ‘raised wali’, therefore a new medium. The work is black and white, but scarlet enters as the new character and makes its own place on the surface.

Aisha Khalid at the Pao Hong Kong

22 April, 2010

Gandhara-art's contemporary focus will be on showcasing the works of the pioneers of the neo-contemporary miniature painting in Pakistan, Imran Qureshi & Aisha Khalid. This will be their 2nd exhibition in Hong Kong. Their work is instrumental in the contemporary resurrection of this traditional art form. Their oeuvre is all encompassing. It include paintings, sculptures as well as large scale installations which are exhibited in galleries, museums, art fairs and Biennales in Europe, Asia, the UK and the US and has also been shown at the MOMA-Oxford(2007), Fukuoka Museum(2002),Belvedere Museum(2009) and the Asia Society Museum New York(2009) and the 'Venice Biennale (2009).